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Association of Lesotho Employers and Business
18 Bowker Road
Old Europa
P.O. Box 1509
Maseru100, Lesotho

Tel: (+266) 22315736

Fax: (+266) 22325384

 About Us

The Association of Lesotho Employers and Business (ALEB) was established in 1961 to facilitate dialogue between the Government, Employers and employees (through their trade unions).

The ALEB is a union of employers. It is registered in terms of Section 173 of the Labour Code Order No.24 of 1992 as an employers organization. The Association is recognized as an official representative of the employers of Lesotho.

It is a non-profit making organization. It is financed by its member's subscriptions and fees. The Objectives of the Association as contained in its constitution are to:

  • Provide industrial relations services and legal services to public and private sector businesses.

  • Promote harmonious relations between employers and their employees.

  • Create a better understanding of the role and importance of employers and business in social progress and economic development.

  • Maintain cooperation between employers and their social partners.

  • Represent employers at various fora.

  • Provide advisory, representational and services which assist employers in the operation of their businesses.


The Association strives to assist and influence in the formulation and implementation of national socio-economic policies through direct participation and interaction of its representatives with relevant governmental Ministries, departments, agencies and through the following structures, Committees and Boards and Statutory bodies:

  • Technical and Vocational Training Board

  • National Advisory Committee on Labour

  • Wages Advisory Board, National Committee on Occupational Safety and Health.

  • Industrial Relations Council

  • Board of the Institute of Labour Studies

  • Board of Lesotho Revenue Authority

  • Inter-Ministerial Task Team


The Association is recognised as the official employers spokesperson in international structures such as:

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