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Association of Lesotho Employers and Business
18 Bowker Road
Old Europa
P.O. Box 1509
Maseru100, Lesotho

Tel: (+266) 22315736

Fax: (+266) 22325384


Any employer of natural persons is eligible for membership in the Association. Membership fees are due annually and are payable during the first month of the New Year.

Members joining for the first time during any part of the year after January may negotiate appropriate fees. The association has a strong membership of 120 companies many of which are large and foreign owned including the major hotels, banks. factories and retailers.



The ALEB is where employers and businesses meet and unite as one strong voice.

  • It represents the interests of all its members.

  • It provides information, advice and support through services related to trade, industry and legal and industrial relations.

  • Members also benefit from training addressing current business challenges.

  • Members are connected to a network of large and small businesses where they share knowledge, experience and concerns.

If you are interested in becoming a member please access the documents listed below:

If you have any further queries or matters which you would like to discuss please Contact Us.

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