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 Economics, Statistics, Research
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Association of Lesotho Employers and Business
18 Bowker Road
Old Europa
P.O. Box 1509
Maseru100, Lesotho

Tel: (+266) 22315736

Fax: (+266) 22325384


The Association seeks to attain its objectives through well targeted services.

  • Business Start-ups
    We provide company registration services including the procurement of trading and manufacturing licenses, work and residence permits.

  • Legal, Industrial Relations
    The Association keeps its members informed of all legal developments in industrial relations and labour law by providing advice, guidance and information to members.

  • Human Resource Management
    ALEB supports its members to apply Human resources best practice by supplying members with information, publications and case studies.  In collaboration with other institutions the ALEB publishes the National Wage Survey.

  • Economics, Statistics, Research
    The Association keeps members abreast of today's fast changing economic environment, collects information and conducts research.

  • Training
    The Association offers members a wide range of training services, on topical issues or issues raised by members.

  • Capacity Building
    The Association strives to strengthen the capability of members by opening up avenues of international and regional training.

  • Occupational Health and Safety
    The ALEB provides information and advice on Occupational Health and Safety legislation, occupational hazards and best standards for health and safety at work.

  • Special Projects

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